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When and How to Deep Clean Carpet

A regularly deep cleaned carpet is important for maintaining its lifespan and keeping it looking its best. You should deep clean your carpets every 12-18 months, or more often if you have pets or children. If you notice any stains or have any high traffic areas, you may need to deeply clean more often. Vacuuming regularly and treating stains immediately while still wet will also help prolong the need for a deep clean.

Black vacuum deep cleaning a stained white carpet

Benefits of deep carpet cleaning:

  • Prolongs the life of your carpets
  • Keeps it looking and smelling brand new
  • Removes deep-down dirt, dust, and other allergens
  • Helps to prevent stains and wear spots

Deep clean process:

  • Pre-treat any carpet stains
  • Vacuum your entire carpet 
  • Apply the appropriate carpet cleaner
  • Scrub the carpet with a brush
  • Rinse the carpet with clean water
  • Extract the water from the carpet with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Dry the carpet thoroughly
  • After cleaning your carpet, vacuum it weekly to keep it clean and prolong its life

If you have any questions about cleaning your carpet, or if you need assistance with this time consuming process, please contact our team of professionals. We are always happy to provide our customers with the best carpet cleaning solutions!

Types of deep clean methods:

  • Dry cleaning – Dry cleaning is the most common type of deep cleaning. It involves using a powdered carpet cleaner, like baking soda, and a carpet cleaning machine to scrub the carpet. The solution is applied to the carpet, deeply penetrating the carpet fibers, and then the loose soil and powder is vacuumed up. Remember to vacuum slowly to get the best results. This is a popular cleaning method for commercial offices since no water is used for this process.
  • Encapsulation – Encapsulation is a newer cleaning method that is increasing in popularity. It involves using a carpet cleaning machine and a special synthetic detergent that encapsulates the dirt, deep stains, and other allergens in the carpet. When the solution dries and forms a protective barrier over the dirt, it becomes easier to vacuum up.
  • Bonnet cleaning – Bonnet cleaning involves using a special carpet cleaning solution and a bonnet (a type of motorized cleaning pad) to scrub the carpet. The solution is applied to the motorized bonnet and is used to scrub the surface of the carpet. The dirt and other allergens are then absorbed by the bonnet.
  • Hot water extraction – Hot water extraction, which is oftentimes called steam cleaning, is a cleaning method that involves using highly-pressurized hot water and a special cleaning solution to agitate and clean the carpet. The water helps to loosen dirt, tough stains and other allergens, making them easier to remove. This method can take 4 hours or longer to dry completely. The difference between this method and steam cleaning is that a steam cleaner uses much higher temperatures to sanitize carpet with steam rather than using hot water. The hot water extraction method dries much faster than the steam cleaning method.
  • Deep shampooing – Deep shampooing is a cleaning method that involves using a deep shampooing solution and a motorized brush to clean the carpet. The solution is applied to the carpet and is left to sit for a few minutes. Once it has had time to attach to particles in the carpet, the dirt and other allergens are vacuumed up. This method is less popular than encapsulation because the shampooing solution leaves behind a sticky residue making carpets soil more quickly. One option is to steam clean your carpets after deep shampooing to remove the layer of residue.
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